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From operational to strategic HR

Strategic Presentations for HR

Key Focus: Group solutions for HR leaders and HR specialists looking for the best way to support HR initiatives in front of senior executives such as the CEO or the Board

If it’s hard to read, it’s hard to do. This was the (un)surprising finding of a research undertaken by Song and Schwarz at the University of Michigan in 2008 and it explains why so often great ideas do not receive the expected reaction from hurried, time-pressed executive audiences that struggle to get the main point from or to connect the dots of what seems to them an overly detailed presentation.

This workshop is designed precisely to help HR professionals bypass this kind of situation and master the techniques of building an impactful presentation, geared specifically for executive audiences. Tackling strategic story-lining in day one and visual design in day two, the workshop will boost both confidence and skills in supporting key HR initiatives in front of decisionmakers by having them work in real-time on real-life presentations for their senior stake-holders.


800 EUR / person

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