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From operational to strategic HR

Strategic Execution for HR

Key Focus: Individual solution for HR specialists to improve results by aligning their daily effort to engaging outcomes.

Research shows that, on average, only 7% of management time is dedicated to developing people and only 10% to strategy and innovation, with the remaining 83% typically being distributed between administrative duties, urgencies and problem-solving. By contrast, effective leaders invest most of their time in innovation and developing people which, in turn, helps achieving results and dealing with problems through effective performance of their day to day tasks.

What’s their secret?

The difference lies in their outcome-based approach to management. They have an educated mindset that helps them deliver results without getting bogged down in unnecessary details while keeping their teams engaged without becoming the default problem-solver. Approach work strategically solution accompanies leaders in developing this outcome-based way of thinking and supports them in achieving more meaningful results in less time.

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