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From assessments to development

Individual development plans

Key Focus: Individual solution for managers, talents or successors to follow-through on assessment results and take ownership of their development.

Assessments are great for collecting insights into what helps and what prevents us in achieving the success that we want. Individual development plans are the natural next step, the missing link between insights and increased success. Yet, quite often such plans fail to deliver the expected results. In our experience, there are 3 critical reasons why this happens: lack of ownership, lack of significance and lack of clarity. Your candidates may feel that the plan is not their own baby but HR’s, that having or executing such a plan does not make any difference for the professional life they want or they find it difficult to understand or to act on it.

What we do is connect the competency profile and potential of as outlined by the assessment results to their passions and to the organisational needs in order to create the drive to act. We then use an outcome-based conversation process to help them design a clear development plan that is engaging, easy to act on and set to achieve results within 3 months of the assessment.

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