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From operational to strategic HR

HR Strategy Development

Key Focus: Group solution for HR leaders looking to define an HR strategy that delivers tangible business value

Research shows that one of the key hurdles in making choices is our loss aversion. We experience loss much more intensely than we experience gain and therefore we have a hard time letting go some opportunities in favour of pursuing others. And so failure to make a clear choice becomes one of the three reasons why many organizational and functional strategies fail to deliver a meaningful impact. The other that we have seen are lack of internal coherence, where functional or departmental choices are not aligned to the strategic choices of the organization, and lack of ownership, where stakeholders feel that the strategy was imposed to them and do very little to make it work.

On request, we support HR teams in developing an HR strategy that avoids these pitfalls. We facilitate a process that makes it easier for HR teams to focus by providing a clear framework for making strategic choices, that increases engagement by providing plenty of opportunities for co-creation and that ensures internal coherence by connecting implementation plans to the strategic HR choices and the strategic choices of the broader organization.

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