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From assessments to development

Group development programs

Key Focus: Group solution managers, talents or successors to follow-through on assessment results and support each other in developing the same competencies.

Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend most of the time with and what we see in most organizations proves him right. The performance level of each individual is directly influenced by the performance level of the team she or he belongs to. Therefore, when assessing teams of managers, talents or successor it is important to support their development not only individually, but also as a system, as a team.

A talent, succession or leadership audit can help you increase awareness not only of the individual strengths and vulnerabilities, but also of the common strength and vulnerability themes across a population that is supposed to work together in order to increase organizational performance. Taking into account this systemic perspective is critical for maximizing the benefits of existing complementarities and converting individual into collective success.

What we do is connect these common themes as outlined by the assessment results with the business objectives and the expectations of key stakeholders in order to create a space for collective development that delivers tangible results for the business. We then use a series of workshops to impart relevant methodologies and insights in business context and create a collective support system that increases accountability and ensures the continuous development of the respective group.

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Strategy Development

Key Focus: Group solution for leaders looking to either develop or refine a coherent, winning strategy for their organization or unit.

Research shows that one of the key hurdles in making choices is our loss aversion. We experience loss much more intensely than we experience gain and therefore we have a hard time letting go some opportunities in favor of pursuing others.

Team Performance

Key Focus: Group solution for teams of successful leaders and highly-valued specialists looking for a roadmap to take them from individual to collective success.

Research shows that in familiar settings, such as our workplace, behavior tends to be directed by habit rather than by deliberate intention. As much as we want to think otherwise, we do not behave in a manner consistent with our goals, but in a way driven by our habits and this means the results we get are often very different from those we hoped for. 

Leading Millennials

Key Focus: Group solution for leaders looking to fully access Millennials’ potential and responsibility in the workplace.

While many of the prevalent myths about the Y generation turn out to be invalidated by scientific research, the reality of today’s workplace demonstrates that a gap exists between the prevalent management practices in most organizations and the actual characteristics and work preferences of the Millennial employee.

Strategic Presentations

Key Focus: Group solution for leaders and specialists whose success depends on their ability to secure decisions from senior executives such as the CEO or the Board.

Did you know that you can increase the impact of your slides by as much as 40% if your titles are complete sentences that communicate the conclusion of the slide? This little-known research finding is particularly useful when preparing a presentation for an executive team who, as a rule, is pressed for time and wants to get quickly to the point. 

Leading Transitions

Key Focus: Group solutions for leaders that are looking for an effective and human-centred way of accompanying change processes in a team, unit or organization.

Research shows that when change initiatives fail, in 72% of the cases they do so for people-related reasons. Caught between current and target operating models, people refuse to behave in the linear, rational way plotted in change management plans much to the dismay of project managers and change leaders.