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From operational to strategic HR

Both operational and strategic facets of human resources are fundamental components that lead your business to success but how much time do you spend on each of them? Most HR people know how it feels to have to implement a process or a system that you know won’t bring value to the business but it’s a must... Or you have such a complex process that seems hard to embed in the business.

We help you simplify your processes, define their value to the business and onboard the management team in using them.

Strategic Execution for HR

Key Focus: Individual solution for HR specialists to improve results by aligning their daily effort to engaging outcomes.

Research shows that, on average, only 7% of management time is dedicated to developing people and only 10% to strategy and innovation, with the remaining 83% typically being distributed between administrative duties, urgencies and problem-solving. By contrast, effective leaders invest most of their time in innovation and developing people which, in turn, helps achieving results and dealing with problems through effective performance of their day to day tasks. What’s their secret?

Strategic Presentations for HR

Key Focus: Group solutions for HR leaders and HR specialists looking for the best way to support HR initiatives in front of senior executives such as the CEO or the Board

If it’s hard to read, it’s hard to do. This was the (un)surprising finding of a research undertaken by Song and Schwarz at the University of Michigan in 2008 and it explains why so often great ideas do not receive the expected reaction from hurried, time-pressed executive audiences that struggle to get the main point from or to connect the dots of what seems to them an overly detailed presentation.

HR Strategy Development

Key Focus: Group solution for HR leaders looking to define an HR strategy that delivers tangible business value

Research shows that one of the key hurdles in making choices is our loss aversion. We experience loss much more intensely than we experience gain and therefore we have a hard time letting go some opportunities in favour of pursuing others.