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The Multiplier Effect

When she first bumped into the Multiplier Effect, Liz Wiseman was working in Oracle. She was quick to notice that, while all of the leaders she worked with were brilliant individuals, some of them were much better than others at bringing out the best in everyone around them. She dubbed them Multipliers and went on trying to figure out what made them so effective as leaders and so different from the others. Her pursuit took her outside the borders of Oracle to many other companies such as McKinsey&Co, Microsoft, GE and Infosys. Here's the story she uncovered.

The Multiplier Story

Smart people are promoted in positions of leadership based on their demonstrated intelligence. Oftentimes they continue to rely on that intelligence to drive the success of their teams and organizations. This makes sense.

The problem with this approach is that it unwittingly drains the intelligence of those around them, causing others to shrink or diminish. The members of their teams feel very much like Constantin Brancusi who, when asked by Auguste Rodin why he decided to leave his team, answered: "Nothing grows under the shadow of big trees." We call such leaders Accidental Diminishers since the unintended impact of their leadership approach is to diminish the collective intelligence of their team.

Liz noticed however that some leaders became aware that a better, more productive use of their intelligence was to create a space where their team members can contribute with and develop their own intelligence. They became masters at the human resources equivalent of what CFOs call operational leverage: the ability to do increasingly more with the existing resources. After all, isn't this the fundamental demand from leaders in all organizations nowadays?

The Multiplier Workshop

What's more is that she discovered that all these leaders, across multiple organizations and geographies, consistently use the same 6 skills that allow them to get the best out of their teams. Liz went on to publish her findings in a Harvard Business Review article and afterwards in two Amazon best-selling books: Multipliers and The Multiplier Effect. Then she decided to build a leadership development program to help more leaders develop the 6 Multiplier skills.

By blending the Multiplier leadership development expertise with a first-hand understanding of how Romanian organizations actually work, our facilitators, Roxana Axini and Mihai Muntean, will accompany you every step of your development journey and make sure that you collect the insights that are relevant for your situation and your organization.

Roxana Axini
With an HR background and multiple international specializations in coaching and leadership development, Roxana leads SHL’s focus on helping organizations achieve the next level of growth through the strategic use of people’s strengths and potential. Find more about her here: https://www.linkedin .com/in/roxanaaxini
Mihai Munteanu
With a multidisciplinary background in HR, Sales and Finance and several years of Board-level experience in leading financial organizations, Mihai leads SHL’s focus on helping clients develop strong executive teams. Find more about him here:

This workshop, offered for the first time in Romania by SHL, is about a different leadership model - one where leaders use their intelligence to amplify that of others.

Join us between 11 and 12 of December 2018 for the first Multiplier Leadership Workshop, organized in Romania by SHL in cooperation with The Wiseman Group !

During this workshop you will:

  • Understand the most frequent behavioral traps that prompt a well-intended leader to act like a Diminisher
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the 6 critical skills that differentiate a Multiplier from a Diminisher
  • Practice each Multiplier skill under the guidance of two leadership development professionals certified by The Wiseman Group
  • Receive individualized feed-back on how well you are operating as a Multiplier
  • Create your own 30-day action-plan to take your leadership impact to the next level
  • Multipliers
  • Multipliers

There are two ways in which you can embark on your Multiplier Leadership journey:

  • 1050 EUR + VAT By securing one of the 6 PREMIUM PACKAGES available that will give you access to:
    • your own 360 Multiplier Leadership Assessment and participantion in a 2-day workshop where you get to understand the Multiplier Leadership skill set and create your own action plan for becoming a stronger Multiplier
    • 3-month support through 3 individual development sessions with a certified leadership coach that will accompany you in putting into practice your multiplier leadership behaviors
  • 600 EUR + VAT By securing one of the 6 STANDARD PACKAGES available that will give you access to:
    • your own 360 Multiplier Leadership Assessment and participantion in a 2-day workshop where you get to understand the Multiplier Leadership skill set and create your own action plan for becoming a stronger Multiplier

Register here for December 11-12 workshop:

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